Meet the Little Lobbyists

Introducing some awesome children with complex medical needs from around the country. Kids who love to play with toys, learn with friends, love their families, and bring light, joy, and laughter into the world. Below are their stories, told by those who love them, about the access to health care that makes their lives possible. If you'd like to share the story of your child with complex medical needs with us, please visit our story form.


Emma, NC  May's Featured Little Lobbyist! 

"In many ways, Emma is like any other four-year-old: she can run, play, and climb stairs; she’s learning to read, and she loves playing catch. Despite her premature birth at just 28 weeks and a list of diagnoses that include bilateral vocal cord paralysis and cerebellar dysgenesis — she is an extraordinarily independent child.

The one thing Emma cannot do on her own: breathe."

Read more about Emma in this Op-Ed written by her mom, "Hold Your Breath"

But wait, there's more!

The above examples are just a tiny sample of the stories we've collected from hundreds of Little Lobbyists kids all over the country. Check back soon, because we are adding more stories all the time! We're also constantly looking for more stories to share. If you care for a dependent with complex medical needs and would like to make sure their concerns are represented by the policy makers whose job it is to protect them, we invite you to share their story with us here.